14 07, 2015

New VIP Club Templates Released

New photo booth templates are now available for our Photo Booth Talk VIP Club members.

July 2015 Release – Beachside Bash


If you haven’t already picked up the June 2015 designs, don’t miss them.  They will only be available for VIPs to download for free until August 15.


VIPs download at http://photoboothtalk.com/members/member.  For more information on our VIP Club program, click here.



15 01, 2015

Red Carpet January Photo Booth Templates for VIPs

Roll out the Red Carpet!  Our January Photo Booth Templates are now available for VIP Club Members to download for FREE!  If you aren’t yet a VIP Club member, check out the benefits of joining here.

Red Carpet Photo Booth Templates

VIP’s we’re also taking requests for February.  If you are looking for a specific theme, post in the VIP Club section of the forum.  We’re keeping a list of popular requests, so if we don’t get to your design request right away, we will keep it in mind for future releases.

6 01, 2015

Aspect Ratios and Why They Matter:

aspectRatiosThe camera you choose and the printer you choose almost lock you into certain design elements.

Most point-and-shoot cameras like the Canon Power Shots have an aspect ratio – the relationship of photo height to width – of 4:3. That means the photographs are 1.33 times as wide as they are high when you are taking a horizontal (landscape) photograph.

Most DSLR cameras (the ones with removable lenses) have an aspect ratio of 1.5:1. That means the photographs are 1.5 times as wide as they are high when you are taking a horizontal (landscape) photograph. You could also express this as 2:3

If you want each photograph to be 2 inches wide – the most popular width for a photo booth strip – a P&S camera will make an image 1.5 inches tall. Four images stacked on top of each other, with no space between them, would be 6 inches tall. That would make an image 2” wide and 6” tall, the most popular strip size for a photo booth. There would be no space between them and no room to add artistic elements, and you would have absolutely the largest size for the faces of the subject possible.

Two variations of the design: the 4-up version uses 2:3 aspect ratio images, the 3-up uses 4:3 aspect ratio

Two variations of the design: the 4-up version uses 2:3 aspect ratio images, the 3-up uses 4:3 aspect ratio

Using a DSLR camera (or any other camera with a 1.5:1 aspect ratio) for the same exercise each photo would be 1.33 inches tall and 2 inches wide. Stacked four high, your images would total 2” x 5.33” – leaving .67” of white space on a 2” x 6” photo strip.

If you use only 3 images, with a maximum width of 2” per image, the 4:3 aspect ratio of a point and shoot camera will leave you 1.5” for your graphics at top, bottom and between shots.

3 images taken with a DSLR camera will leave you 2” for graphics.

Usually you’ll end up making your individual shots narrower than the full width of the paper, which means they’ll also be shorter from top to bottom. More room for graphics.

Cameras with the 4:3 aspect ratio give you a little taller image space, which can be handy when you’ve got short guests standing on tip-toe to get their heads in the photo.

Most commercial templates are designed for photos taken with the 1.5:1 aspect ratio, and if you use a Power Shot you’ll lose a little from the top and bottom of each photo. That can lead to guest complaints.

The most recent version of Breeze Systems’ PSRemote software offers a handy new option. You can select DSLR emulation and the software will automatically crop your individual pics to the 1.5:1 aspect ratio. It will also mask the live preview on your computer monitor so your guests won’t see areas that won’t make it into the final print.

How you set software to crop point and shoot images to the same aspect ratio as DSLRs

How you set software to crop point and shoot images to the same aspect ratio as DSLRs

So you can safely buy Cherie’s templates, for example, and know that you won’t need to redesign them.

Most of the templates in the site’s marketplace actually come as sets of templates: 1 for 3-photo 2x6s, 1 for 4-photo 2x6s, and one for 4×6″ prints. The 3-up versions have openings for images in the 4:3 aspect ratio while the 4-up versions have openings for images in the 1:1.5 aspect ratio.


24 03, 2014

Giveaways Galore!

Timeline Cover

We are so excited to about our latest drawing!  We’re celebrating 2014 BIG TIME, and we’ve teamed up with some amazing companies for our grandest giveaways EVER!  Imaging Spectrum and Sinfonia, will be offering up up a Sinfonia CS2 Dye-Sub printer to one lucky winner.  And Darkroom Software & CI Creative have collaborated to give away a copy of Darkroom Booth along with 88 Customizable Photo Strip Templates (files are layered PSD files and can only be edited in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements) from CI Creative’s personal collection.

To enter, all you have to do is Like our Facebook Page, then fill out the Drawing Entry Form by clicking on the “Win It” tab (just beneath our Cover Photo).  Only one drawing entry form is allowed per company, family or household.  If you are a VIP Club Member, you will automatically receive 5 Drawing Entries.  But, you can earn an extra one if you also take the time to Like our Facebook page and fill out the Drawing Entry Form, too.

Drawing Entry Closes on April 25, 2014 and winner will be announced on April 30, 2014.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go to our Facebook page and Enter Now!!!  https://www.facebook.com/PhotoBoothTalk

11 10, 2013

Photo Strip Folder Drawing by Studio Style


We are so very excited to introduce our October VIP Club Drawing Sponsor – Studio Style.  I discovered them last year when I was doing some research for a member.  He wanted a memorable marketing solution that he could use for Bridal and Trade shows.  We were worried that his promo materials would be separated from the photo strip that he gave to potential clients, but Studio Style offered the perfect solution to his problem with their custom printed photo strip folders.

Because we love Studio Style so much, we reached out to them, and they have generously offered to sponsor this month’s VIP Club Drawing by offering 200 Photo Strip Folders with free shipping.  The winner may select from any of their pre-designed styles or submit custom artwork for a one-of-a-kind folder.  We also included a custom Studio Style designs with our July and August VIP Club templates.

The drawing entry is open to Photo Booth Talk VIP Club Members ONLY and will commence on Friday, October 11 and will run through Thursday, November 7. Drawing winner will be announced on Friday, November 8.  VIP Club members, please check our latest post in the VIP Club forum to learn how to enter.

Update 11-8-13: The winner of our drawing is Steven Tecson of Splendid Photo Booth.  Congrats, and thank you to all who participated.  We really appreciate your support.