We’ve got breaking news!  Well, not really.  We’ve been waiting for this day to come for awhile, and it appears that it happened a little more quietly than we expected.  Someone totally spilled the beans on the forum already, so we just had to share this on the blog, too.

The developer that brought us Photo Booth Connected and BYO Booth has recently released a new photo booth software program “Social Booth”.  From what I’ve seen and heard, thus far, the program is pretty slick.  It makes me think that if Breeze and Photo Booth Connected got together and made a baby, Social Booth would be THAT baby!

Here are a a few facts from the website:

  • DSLR or HD webcams
  • Photo Mode & Video Mode
  • Lets users apply Instagram style filters to their photos before printing and uploading
  • Email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS
  • Data Collection
  • Printing
  • FTP  & SmugMug Uploading
  • Customizable Layouts

Social Booth is available for Trial and Purchase now directly from Photo Booth Solutions.  So check it out, yo!  See if it works for you.

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