How to Use Photo Booth Upload to Grow Your Business

Aug 28, 2015 | News, Photo Booth Software, Running The Business, Sponsored

Until recently, I had left the photo booth business and was working as a free lance designer and a consultant for other photo booth companies.  I sold my own company in 2012 and decided to focus on the parts of the business that I loved.  However, recently I partnered up with Lisa Oler, the founder of Smile Lounge Photo Booth in Los Angeles, and we’re opening an office in the Midwest and on the East Coast.  Lisa has figured out way to make her business stand out amongst the endless competition in LA by staying ahead of the crowd and always looking for new ways to impress her clients.  Photo Booth Upload has recently become one of the tools that we added to arsenal to help us do just that.  And, when other software doesn’t work for us, the developers and support staff behind Photo Booth Upload quickly jump in and provide a solution.  That just happened today when Breeze didn’t offer the flexibility we needed to handle a last minute issue that came up.  Our team was set into panic mode, and PBU provided a solution that saved our event.

With that in mind, I want to talk a little more about how you can use Photo Booth Upload to grow your business.  One of the big problems in the photo booth industry is that the photo booth is usually added as an afterthought.  Photo booths are common sights at parties these days, but most of them are the same – grab a prop or costume, pop in the booth, take a silly picture with some friends, print it out and take it home.  But what party-planners really want is for a photo booth to incorporate the photo experience into the theme of the event.  This is where Photo Booth Upload and Photo Party Upload excel.

Because this software provides a wide range of tools, you can work with your clients and match the activation to the theme of their event or the brand that is being promoted.

photo booth upload green screen

Photo provided by Photo Booth Upload

Photo Booth Upload gives you the tools to make each photo booth activation a unique experience that supports the overall goals of the event, whether it’s a Sweet Sixteen party or the Super Bowl.  Say you’re setting up at a music themed bar mitzvah – instead of just providing another way for the kids to take pictures at the party, you can make it look like the guest is stage diving at a Green Day Concert.  If they’re a sports fan, the photo booth can be their chance to make the winning goal.  Not only does the software allow you to easily customize the background, you can expand from photos into the land of GIFs, green screen video, slow motion, and more.

Photo Booth Upload

On the other side of the spectrum, this Photo Booth Upload can enhance the corporate photo booth experience.  The LA Photo Party (the company behind Photo Booth Upload and Photo Party Upload) were recently approached by Lyft, the rideshare company, to be involved in their multi-city campaign to replace their giant pink mustaches with the new ‘glow-stache’. Their tagline was “Ready, Set, Glow” and so instead of offering them a standard run-of-the-mill photo booth, we worked with them to create a bespoke light painting activation that fit in perfectly with the theme and goal of their campaign.  Rather than being an add-on, the photo booth was the centerpiece of their event in every city they traveled to.

Lyft Glow Party Light Painting with Photo Booth Upload

The great thing about Photo Booth Upload is that it’s expandable to match the events that you are hired to work.  You can start out with a basic set-up – DSLR camera, tablet, a couple lights, tripod, simple backdrop – and let it grow with your business.  When you and your business are ready, you can move into bigger more exciting territory like slow motion video. Before you know it, you will have an arsenal of light painting tools to bring a unique “wow factor” to your events.


Photo Booth Upload works hand-in-hand with Photo Party Upload to bring the photo booth experience into the digital world of social media.  Social media is an essential feature for any photo booth company looking to break into corporate events.  Photo Party Upload allows your guests to immediately share any photo, GIF, or Video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text message, or email.  You can customize the social media settings to include the client’s hashtags and create a unique overlay showcasing the client’s logo so that every photo shared is branded in the way the client wants.

If you want to find out more about how Photo Party Upload and Photo Booth Upload can enhance your photo booth business, visit their websites at and

All photos and videos in this article were provided by LA Photo Party.  Photo Booth Upload and Photo Party Upload are sponsors of this website.


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