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Can a Photo Booth Business change your life?

When you think about starting a business your mind may immediately jump to renting expensive office space, hiring employees and numerous other expenses that come along with it. In that sense, the Photo Booth industry is very different from many other industries. You can start a successful Photo Booth Business from the comfort of your own home, without giving up your day job, while working after hours, weekends and whenever is most convenient for you.

Sounds exciting? We sure hope so, because we prepared the ultimate 7 steps guide to starting a successful photo booth business. If you’re interested in a particular topic, feel free to jump ahead:

  • Introduction to the Photo Booth Industry
  • Step 1: Business Plan
  • Step 2: Marketing
  • Step 3: Value Proposition
  • Step 4: Sales Skills
  • Step 5: Organized System and Processes
  • Step 6: Pricing
  • Step 7: Booths at your Disposal


Introduction to the Photo Booth Industry

 The Photo Booth Industry is an amazing field to be a player in. It’s filled with people who possess true passion for entertainment and bringing joy to others.

The Photo Booth service providers vary. You can find full time photo booth rental  companies with a huge fleet of photo booths and employees, a less specific event rental company that rents out many types of products such as bouncing houses, VR, Games alongside its photo booths, DJs or Wedding Photographers who expanded their services and offer a photo booth as well as music and photography, and many other startups that service events over the weekend and use their company to generate a side income.

What’s in common for all these different companies is that they all started providing photo booth services at some point and in one way or another   obtained the knowledge presented in the steps below, all dedicated to the question of How to start a successful photo booth business.

We formulated this 7 step guide by talking to our Customers about how they started out and what was it that made them go into this business. The conversations revealed many stories about hiring a photo booth service or attending an event that had a photo booth, and a feeling that they could do a better job at it. . Other companies expressed that they simply had a desire to offer something new and a photo booth was the perfect way to expand and scale the services they were offering. Others simply wanted to jump on the fun, feeling unstimulated by their 9-5 day-job, longing for a change.

If you feel that the Photo Booth Industry is for you, get on board and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Business Plan

Start with a plan! There’s more than one place to start at, but we recommend that you start with what most excites you.After working with many customers, advising them on the best starting point we realized that the best way is to start with the bottom line:

How much money can I make by doing this? Want to discover the answer to this question? Check out our first Video on “How to Start a Successful Photo Booth Business” with Eli Veffer, Foto Master’s director of operations.


Step 2: Marketing

You just purchased the best photo booth in the world but no one even knows about it. What you need to do now is spread the word. Worry not. In the second episode, Eli will explain about the many aspects of Marketing and provide you with general guidelines on how to begin marketing your new photo booth business from Creating a new brand identity to SEO, paid advertising and offline marketing ideas, all there in Episode 2 of “How to Start your Successful Photo Booth Business:” Video Series.


Step 3: Value Proposition

The number of events are growing each year, with more weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, sweet sixteens, galas, corporate events and quinceaneras and numerous other events in which a photo booth has become a commodity. With a growing demand for photo booths there’s also a growing demand for new concepts and addons. Event organizers want to WOW the guest with new and innovative solutions which is why it’s so important to understand your own value proposition. In the next episode Eli will talk about exactly that.


Step 4: Sales Skills

When leads begin to stream in, the phone starts ringing and your new service is on demand. A new skill set that will help you increase your conversion rate from lead to a booking event is now required. In Episode 4 Eli will explore what it means to be a good Salesman and  what you need to know to be able to book more events.


Step 5: Information Systems

Controlling the flow of information can help you increase your conversion rate from a lead to a booked event. Not only that, but it can also save you time and money. In Episode 5 Eli will explore the advantages of using information systems such as CRM and Lead Management System.


Step 6: Pricing

In Episode 6 Eli explores one of the most interesting questions that come to mind when planning to launch your  own Photo Booth Business: Pricing! How much should I charge? Should I offer different packages? Should I publish my prices on my website? This and more will be discussed in Episode 6, check this out:


Step 7: Booths at your disposal

It’s not a bad idea to plan ahead and think about the long term while planning your photo booth business. Determine which booth to purchase first, which one to expand with and what will work best for your market. In this last episode of “How to start your Photo Booth business” Eli will explore different booths from various booth families, such as Mirror Photo Booths, DSLR Photo Booths, iPad Booths and special photo based products that will help you plan ahead. Check this out:


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Boaz Telem is the Founder and CEO of Foto Master, leading the company with his vision of innovation and fun. Boaz’s romance with the event and rental industry began when he was just 14 and ever since, every spare moment he had Boaz spent his time in front of a computer, designing, coding, and envisioning the next big thing.

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