The prospect has just gone through your booth and she’s really excited. Getting married in 6 weeks and she’d like some more information.

You dig through all your pockets and come up empty. Not a business card in sight.

BizCardWhatHappensAnd yet you’re standing right next to a high quality printer that can spit out full color prints on thick paper in just seconds. Here’s a simple way to be prepared:

Create a 2″ x 6″ design that you can save on the desktop of each and every computer in your vast empire. I did this one in Photoshop but you can use your favorite graphics program or even hire it done.

At any moment between sessions you can minimize your photo booth software, right-click on the card file and select “print.” Be sure that the 2″ cut is still enabled in your printer.

Since so many of our prospects are using phones I added a QR code that takes them right to the website.

Cost: about 8 cents a card, depending on your media cost. Results: priceless

For most printers, you’ll want the overall image size 1240 x 1844 pixels at 300 dpi.

Like any other procedure, you should try this out before you really need it. You do not want to do this for the first time at a wedding and find out you’ve inadvertently reset the printing preferences of your printer!

Blog contributor Chris Lydle is the author of The Photo Booth Book.

Some good feedback on this topic:

Mark Reed We also have a digital copy of our card on our phones where we can say – “certainly, how about I text or email you our card?” that also gets you their contact info on the spot without really pushing for it.

Neb Milbourn I also have it set as profile 9 in My booth software. I set it to take only one picture that doesn’t actually print on the strip. That way I don’t have to exit the software. (Neb uses Breeze software)

Ninos Evripidou What I do is that I have printed pockets to put the photos in, so anyone who has his pic taken in my booth automatically has my card as well.

Mike Griffin That’s cool. Something I do is take their phone number and text them my website and include the date they inquired about. This allows me to follow up. Gotten many bookings this way as opposed to giving them a card.

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  1. DJ Stephen Craig

    Great Idea! Im placing a button on my bluotooh remotes and will do this at the touch of a button. Thanks for the idea.

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