29 02, 2016

Foto Master’s Mirror Me Booth

We’ve all been seeing the Selfie mirror posts taking over the Photo Booth groups on Facebook, so we thought it was time that we asked our sponsor Foto Master to tell us what makes their Mirror Me Booth so unique.  Here’s what we’ve learned:

Foto Master’s Mirror Me Booth combines an alluring design with interactive entertainment to bring owners a positive ROI and guests an unrivaled photo booth experience.

This unique photo-generating product offers a full-length mirror comprised of the latest technology in interactive picture taking. Designed for an easy, secure transportation and created with a user-friendly interface, the Mirror Me Booth communicates with guests through a gesture-activated and touch screen display of colourful animations and entertaining voice guidances.​

One of our many exciting features included in the Mirror Me Booth software is our uniquely crafted premium visual animations. We are constantly seeking feedback from our community of followers to ensure we are providing customers with exclusive animations for a modern and distinct experience. In addition, the software supports custom animations which can be individually designed and included in each Workflow to present personalized animations in a vivid and wildly entertaining manner.

We have come a long way since the invention of the classic Photo Booth. While the original version uses a camera and a screen display, the Mirror Me Booth is a digitally-operated photo booth that acts as a full-length mirror with a hidden camera. The unique adaptation has the capacity to communicate with guests through animations appearing as though they are displayed directly on the mirror.

Though the original invention gave us great inspiration, with today’s technology we were able to grow and expand the traditional concept by elevating its performance. After a full year of testing dozens of different mirror materials from acrylic, fiberglass, film, and a variety of coatings, we identified the ideal components to make up an impeccably realistic mirror. Manufacturing the finest quality coating with a simple and speedy set-up and disassembling process, Mirror Me Booth provides a state-of-the-art mirror photo booth experience.

The updated software has six gesture-triggered features that are activated through Kinect for XBox One and touch technology, including; smile recognition, person detection, hand-gesture detection, and motion sensors.

Mirror Me Booth Version II offers a personalized experience with components that are ideal for next-level entertainment. The software allows you to create photo memories, GIFs and short videos offering unique features such as;

  • The Drawing Feature; allowing guests to sign and draw on their creation in a glowing neon color or standard color, which is then presented on the final photo.
  • The GIF/Video Feature; allowing guests to create a GIF or video with or without a rewind effect.
  • The Scream Feature; an interactive competition that captures a moment of amusement while the guests scream to reach the highest level of the “Scream Meter”. As the computer microphone detects the sound of guests’ voices, the meter changes colours based on volume. The photo of the people screaming as well as the results of the scream meter are then printed on the final photo.
  • Green Screen; the software supports Green Screen removal to offer a unique experience so guests can photograph in front of different background options.
  • Background Removal; using Kinect for XBox One, you can remove a background even without a green screen to enjoy a tidy set-up at events.
  • Layout Builder; consumers can include company branding in the foreground of the final photo with the option to rearrange, position and rotate the photos as desired.
  • Workflow Builder; Foto Master invented a very unique approach to building Workflows. Consumers can build their own story by choosing from different components such as built-in features or custom animations. In addition, they can decide how each component triggers the next to create a personalized and creative Workflow.
  • Enable Multi Presets; this feature allows the consumer to automatically run different Workflows in a sequence throughout the event. The consumer can choose to have it run in the order they are placed or have it set on “Rotate Randomly” mode.
  • Pay Per Play; the choice to have the software run through coin-operation.
  • Features included; DSLR Photo, Webcam Photo, Kinect Photo, QR Code, Raw Preview, Preview, Auto-Print, Auto-Save, Print Copies, and many more.
  • Social Station; a social-sharing station positioned next to the Mirror Me Booth enables individuals to share their photo, GIF, or video creation to their social channels directly from the event.

The Mirror Me Booth is versatile and ideal for any type of event looking to elevate guests’ experiences while offering a keepsake following the use of the product. Whether it’s a corporate event, wedding, bar or bat-mitzvah, trade show, audio visual presentation, birthday celebration, networking event, charity function, or any other occasion, the Mirror Me Booth is a new and unique interactive solution – sure to make your next event a huge success!

Find out more on our website at http://fotomasterltd.net/products/mirror-me-booth/

9 02, 2016

Make Events More Social with an Instagram Printer

Today we have a guest blogger – Chris Johnson from HootBooth Photo Booth – to explain more about that ever elusive question everyone has about hashtag & Instagram printing.


What is Instagram?

Instagram is a mobile photo sharing social media site that enables people to take pictures and share them on the Instagram mobile app. Most Instagram posts are ‘tagged’ with a hashtag which allows an image to be searched for, and easily found, by other Instagram users.

To put into context just how popular Instagram is here are some eye-popping stats:
– There are 75 million active users per day on Instagram!*
– Daily Instagram image posts now outpace Facebook image posts!
– 90% of Instagram users are younger than 35; 51% are males and 49% are females.*

What Is A Hashtag?

Hashtags are keywords attached to a post on Instagram that are used to organizes and locate images on Instagram. A hashtag keyword is always preceded by the pound sign (#). For example, a hashtag could be a bride and groom’s wedding hashtag (#sueandtedgotwed) or a company’s brand name (#nikon).

It is now very popular at weddings and corporate events for a unique hashtag to be printed on cocktail napkins and custom signage to encourage guests to take photos at the event with their iPhones and other mobile devices, tag the photo with the event hashtag, then post these images to Instagram. By doing this, all the event guests can quickly view the images via the Instagram social media app.

A Photo Booth For The Instagram Generation!

Hoot-Hashtag-Instagram-PrinterWhile traditional photo booths are here to stay, there is a new type of the photo booth experience that taps into the growing popularity of Instagram. Meet the Hoot #Hashtag Instagram Printer kiosk, a self-contained kiosk with an integrated dye-sublimation printer and a beautiful tablet-based touchscreen display with smart software that continuously scans the Instagram social media site for the unique event hashtag and creates a photo gallery of all the images on the kiosk’s touchscreen display. The kiosk has two printing modes and can be set to auto-print each image or can print each image on-demand; for the latter mode, the user simply locates the image on the kiosk’s photo gallery and selects the image to print. The images are printed on 4×6 print media and the print template can be customized to include the event hashtag, the Instagram post comments and custom artwork, such as corporate branding, on the print template.

An Instagram Printer is a great service to add to an existing photo booth rental business. However, we are also seeing event rental businesses that are focusing exclusively on Instagram Printing, especially those that cater to corporate clients who use Instagram Printing at brand activations and trade shows to promote their brand.

Adding Instagram Printing service to your rental business is as simple as purchasing an Instagram Printer and adding this new service to your website. It is optimal to have a dedicated webpage for this new service. We find that corporate and event clients aged 35 and younger immediately understand the Instagram Printer service and the benefits (and fun!) it provides. Most rental companies will price the Instagram Printing service at the same price or about 20% more per hour as a traditional photo booth.

As noted above, when the Instagram Printing kiosk is set to ‘print-on-demand’ mode, the kiosk can be left unattended and guests can locate their image in the kiosk’s photo gallery and then select the image to print it. If a company or rental business utilizes an attendant for the Instagram Printer, we recommend the use of a ‘Hashtag Wall’ where prints are auto-printed and an attendant pins them to a wall for guests to pick up during the event. Also, a roving ‘Instagram Photographer’ is a great add-on service. This person can take photos with their mobile device, post them on Instagram for the party goer and add these prints to the ‘Hashtag Wall’.


If you are considering adding an Instagram Printer to your rental lineup, contact us at HootBooth Photo Booth. Our Hoot #Hashtag Instagram Printer is so innovative that it was named one of the ‘Best New Photo Industry Products in 2015’ by Rangefinder Magazine. We offer both a fully assembled Instagram Printer and an Instagram Printer ‘enclosure only‘ option.

We are happy to answer your questions about Instagram Printing and our full lineup of photo booth kiosks!

*Source: http://expandedramblings.com/index.php/important-instagram-stats/

This post has been sponsored by HootBooth Photo Booth.

26 11, 2015

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14 09, 2015

Upselling Print Sizes During the Holidays

6x8_4x6_printWhile it seems most photo boother’s use 4×6 (either as a single print or double 2×6), you may be leaving money on the table. The value of the printed photograph has never been higher and the cost of materials has never been lower for onsite print delivery. 4×6 prints cost around 15 cents on average, while the cost of 5×7 and 6×8 prints are now down to just over 30 cents a print. The fall holiday season is a prime time for upselling your customers on photo print size. 5×7 and 6×8 photos are the most popular sizes for Holiday related events. And it is easy to create 5×7 or 6×8 print templates in Darkroom BoothDarkroom Core  and other software programs. We asked a few industry experts to share some advice on upselling larger print sizes.  Here’s what they had to say:

“At A Custom Look Photography in Denver we have been offering 4×6, 5×7 and 6×8 photo prints for our various options. While our standard sit down and open style photo booths print 4×6, our photographer driven photo stations are almost always 5×7 prints and our Giant Selfie Station offers what else but a giant 6×8 print. We stress the upsell sizes as a premium giveaway and charge accordingly, which of course increase our bottom line. Our Giant Selfie doesn’t even get compared to a standard photo booth and also brings in a much higher rental. The increased profits definitely make up for the inconvenience of having to stock several sizes of media.”

Murray Englander
A Custom Look Photography
Denver, Colorado

“In our photo booth rental business we have found our corporate events provide the biggest opportunity to up sale to a larger print size. Whether the company is marketing a new product or just branding their logo and message, a 5×7 print provides more real estate to accomplish their goal.”

Tiffaney Arbogast-Burke
Extreme Photography Studios
Fort Worth, Texas