29 02, 2016

Foto Master’s Mirror Me Booth

We’ve all been seeing the Selfie mirror posts taking over the Photo Booth groups on Facebook, so we thought it was time that we asked our sponsor Foto Master to tell us what makes their Mirror Me Booth so unique.  Here’s what we’ve learned:

Foto Master’s Mirror Me Booth combines an alluring design with interactive entertainment to bring owners a positive ROI and guests an unrivaled photo booth experience.

This unique photo-generating product offers a full-length mirror comprised of the latest technology in interactive picture taking. Designed for an easy, secure transportation and created with a user-friendly interface, the Mirror Me Booth communicates with guests through a gesture-activated and touch screen display of colourful animations and entertaining voice guidances.​

One of our many exciting features included in the Mirror Me Booth software is our uniquely crafted premium visual animations. We are constantly seeking feedback from our community of followers to ensure we are providing customers with exclusive animations for a modern and distinct experience. In addition, the software supports custom animations which can be individually designed and included in each Workflow to present personalized animations in a vivid and wildly entertaining manner.

We have come a long way since the invention of the classic Photo Booth. While the original version uses a camera and a screen display, the Mirror Me Booth is a digitally-operated photo booth that acts as a full-length mirror with a hidden camera. The unique adaptation has the capacity to communicate with guests through animations appearing as though they are displayed directly on the mirror.

Though the original invention gave us great inspiration, with today’s technology we were able to grow and expand the traditional concept by elevating its performance. After a full year of testing dozens of different mirror materials from acrylic, fiberglass, film, and a variety of coatings, we identified the ideal components to make up an impeccably realistic mirror. Manufacturing the finest quality coating with a simple and speedy set-up and disassembling process, Mirror Me Booth provides a state-of-the-art mirror photo booth experience.

The updated software has six gesture-triggered features that are activated through Kinect for XBox One and touch technology, including; smile recognition, person detection, hand-gesture detection, and motion sensors.

Mirror Me Booth Version II offers a personalized experience with components that are ideal for next-level entertainment. The software allows you to create photo memories, GIFs and short videos offering unique features such as;

  • The Drawing Feature; allowing guests to sign and draw on their creation in a glowing neon color or standard color, which is then presented on the final photo.
  • The GIF/Video Feature; allowing guests to create a GIF or video with or without a rewind effect.
  • The Scream Feature; an interactive competition that captures a moment of amusement while the guests scream to reach the highest level of the “Scream Meter”. As the computer microphone detects the sound of guests’ voices, the meter changes colours based on volume. The photo of the people screaming as well as the results of the scream meter are then printed on the final photo.
  • Green Screen; the software supports Green Screen removal to offer a unique experience so guests can photograph in front of different background options.
  • Background Removal; using Kinect for XBox One, you can remove a background even without a green screen to enjoy a tidy set-up at events.
  • Layout Builder; consumers can include company branding in the foreground of the final photo with the option to rearrange, position and rotate the photos as desired.
  • Workflow Builder; Foto Master invented a very unique approach to building Workflows. Consumers can build their own story by choosing from different components such as built-in features or custom animations. In addition, they can decide how each component triggers the next to create a personalized and creative Workflow.
  • Enable Multi Presets; this feature allows the consumer to automatically run different Workflows in a sequence throughout the event. The consumer can choose to have it run in the order they are placed or have it set on “Rotate Randomly” mode.
  • Pay Per Play; the choice to have the software run through coin-operation.
  • Features included; DSLR Photo, Webcam Photo, Kinect Photo, QR Code, Raw Preview, Preview, Auto-Print, Auto-Save, Print Copies, and many more.
  • Social Station; a social-sharing station positioned next to the Mirror Me Booth enables individuals to share their photo, GIF, or video creation to their social channels directly from the event.

The Mirror Me Booth is versatile and ideal for any type of event looking to elevate guests’ experiences while offering a keepsake following the use of the product. Whether it’s a corporate event, wedding, bar or bat-mitzvah, trade show, audio visual presentation, birthday celebration, networking event, charity function, or any other occasion, the Mirror Me Booth is a new and unique interactive solution – sure to make your next event a huge success!

Find out more on our website at http://fotomasterltd.net/products/mirror-me-booth/

28 08, 2015

How to Use Photo Booth Upload to Grow Your Business

Until recently, I had left the photo booth business and was working as a free lance designer and a consultant for other photo booth companies.  I sold my own company in 2012 and decided to focus on the parts of the business that I loved.  However, recently I partnered up with Lisa Oler, the founder of Smile Lounge Photo Booth in Los Angeles, and we’re opening an office in the Midwest and on the East Coast.  Lisa has figured out way to make her business stand out amongst the endless competition in LA by staying ahead of the crowd and always looking for new ways to impress her clients.  Photo Booth Upload has recently become one of the tools that we added to arsenal to help us do just that.  And, when other software doesn’t work for us, the developers and support staff behind Photo Booth Upload quickly jump in and provide a solution.  That just happened today when Breeze didn’t offer the flexibility we needed to handle a last minute issue that came up.  Our team was set into panic mode, and PBU provided a solution that saved our event.

With that in mind, I want to talk a little more about how you can use Photo Booth Upload to grow your business.  One of the big problems in the photo booth industry is that the photo booth is usually added as an afterthought.  Photo booths are common sights at parties these days, but most of them are the same – grab a prop or costume, pop in the booth, take a silly picture with some friends, print it out and take it home.  But what party-planners really want is for a photo booth to incorporate the photo experience into the theme of the event.  This is where Photo Booth Upload and Photo Party Upload excel.

Because this software provides a wide range of tools, you can work with your clients and match the activation to the theme of their event or the brand that is being promoted.

photo booth upload green screen

Photo provided by Photo Booth Upload

Photo Booth Upload gives you the tools to make each photo booth activation a unique experience that supports the overall goals of the event, whether it’s a Sweet Sixteen party or the Super Bowl.  Say you’re setting up at a music themed bar mitzvah – instead of just providing another way for the kids to take pictures at the party, you can make it look like the guest is stage diving at a Green Day Concert.  If they’re a sports fan, the photo booth can be their chance to make the winning goal.  Not only does the software allow you to easily customize the background, you can expand from photos into the land of GIFs, green screen video, slow motion, and more.

Photo Booth Upload

On the other side of the spectrum, this Photo Booth Upload can enhance the corporate photo booth experience.  The LA Photo Party (the company behind Photo Booth Upload and Photo Party Upload) were recently approached by Lyft, the rideshare company, to be involved in their multi-city campaign to replace their giant pink mustaches with the new ‘glow-stache’. Their tagline was “Ready, Set, Glow” and so instead of offering them a standard run-of-the-mill photo booth, we worked with them to create a bespoke light painting activation that fit in perfectly with the theme and goal of their campaign.  Rather than being an add-on, the photo booth was the centerpiece of their event in every city they traveled to.

Lyft Glow Party Light Painting with Photo Booth Upload

The great thing about Photo Booth Upload is that it’s expandable to match the events that you are hired to work.  You can start out with a basic set-up – DSLR camera, tablet, a couple lights, tripod, simple backdrop – and let it grow with your business.  When you and your business are ready, you can move into bigger more exciting territory like slow motion video. Before you know it, you will have an arsenal of light painting tools to bring a unique “wow factor” to your events.


Photo Booth Upload works hand-in-hand with Photo Party Upload to bring the photo booth experience into the digital world of social media.  Social media is an essential feature for any photo booth company looking to break into corporate events.  Photo Party Upload allows your guests to immediately share any photo, GIF, or Video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text message, or email.  You can customize the social media settings to include the client’s hashtags and create a unique overlay showcasing the client’s logo so that every photo shared is branded in the way the client wants.

If you want to find out more about how Photo Party Upload and Photo Booth Upload can enhance your photo booth business, visit their websites at http://www.photoboothupload.com and http://www.photopartyupload.com

All photos and videos in this article were provided by LA Photo Party.  Photo Booth Upload and Photo Party Upload are sponsors of this website.

1 06, 2015

Photo Booth Upload Features – The Pro Package

We’ve been playing around with Photo Booth Upload and getting familiar with it’s basic features, but we are uber excited about some of the tools that the Pro Package adds to our photo booth toolboxes.   Hold onto your socks, because it’s time to look at Light Painting, Morphing and Slow Motion Video.

Light Painting is unlike anything else available in the photo booth market. For this activation, you need a dark space (either a room where you have full control over the lighting or a blackout tent) and a few light painting props, aka light sabers (you can also use flashlights, LED wands or anything that lights up in the dark). Photo Booth Upload is hooked up to a DSLR, which takes the photo using a long exposure, and a webcam, which gives you a live view so you and your guest can see the image come to life as it’s being created. When you click the trigger, the flash fires but the shutter stays open. All the guest has to do is stay still as you paint with light around them – the result will blow your socks off.


Just as impressive is Photo Booth Upload’s Morph feature. Ever wanted to see your face morph into Michael Jackson, Marylin Monroe or even your brother? Well now you can. To create your morph set-up, you can either upload an image of a face (such as a celebrity) or you can choose to morph between two guest photos. All you have to do is adjust the size and placement of the photo and the software automatically maps out the distinguishing features on the guest’s face to match the eyes and mouth on image they will be morphing into. The result is a smooth and hilarious morphing experience. The feature can also incorporate the green screen technologies, allowing you to upload any background you wish, and gives you full control over the morphing speed, duration, and number of loops. You can even add an audio track and branding to give the final video a fun soundtrack.

And to wrap it all up, we slow way down for Slow Motion Video. Guests love the chance to see themselves in slow motion, especially for those people who have always wanted to recreate Rocky or Chariots of Fire. You can either use a DSLR camera, which can shoot at up to 60 frames per second, or Photo Booth Upload can be hooked up to the Photo Party Station ActionCam, which can do up to 240 frames per second, providing for a much slower slo-mo experience. The set-up process is very similar to Green Screen Video and you can even incorporate green screen into Slow Motion Video if you want, or you can shoot against a clean black or white background depending on your event. Slow motion videos can be instantly branded, music added, then uploaded instantly onsite to the guest’s social media. In addition, using the Photo Party Upload app, guests can choose any frame from their video to print out instantly. Bring along some fun props (silly string always goes over well), upload an inspiring audio track, and you’re ready for an awesome slow-mo party!

Photo Booth Upload allows you to easily switch between these dynamic features and gives your guest unparalleled photo booth experiences. If you haven’t checked it out yet, go to photoboothupload.com to find out how you can shove it up YOUR booth.

This post was sponsored by PhotoBoothUpload.com

31 05, 2015

Animated GIFs with Animated Backgrounds

Animated GIFs have come a long way from dancing babies and keyboard cats.  Offering animated GIFs at your photo booth is now a way to offer your clients something fun and unique while helping you stand out from the competition who are only offering “gasp” static photos.

Animated GIF with Social Booth

Most photo booth softwarecan create animated GIFS these days, but Social Booth has a feature that allows you to create animated GIFs with animated overlays and animated backgrounds like the one above.

So how is it done?  
It’s very easy using green screen, a stock video and of course Social Booth.

The 1st thing you’ll need is a stock video for your animated background.  A great site to find these is VideoHive.  The one used in this example is found here.

animated gif how to

You’ll need to grab frames from the video and save them as individual files.  Most video players will allow you to save individual frames.  Save a frame, and move the playback head forward a bit to save another. You only need 5-10 frames per shot to make the animation look fluid.  In this example there’s only 2 shots so we’re using 20 background animation frames.  Too few frames and the animation will look jumpy.  Too many and it will take too long process.  Be careful to save your files in a sequential format and be sure to use 2 digits like 01.jpg, 02.jpg etc…

Each frame should be resized to 600×400 px as this is the final size of the animated GIF.


The next step is to enable animated GIFs in Social Booth as well as enabling Animated Backgrounds and select the folder where you saved your frames from the video.  Remember Animated Backgrounds require the use of Green screen so be sure to enable that as well.


If you can’t shoot on greenscreen and still would like a similar effect, you can use Animated Overlays instead.  It’s a similar concept, except the animation is being placed on top of the photos as opposed to behind them.


You can also use this effect with single shots.


Other examples:




So there you have it.  Animated GIFs on animated backgrounds, animated foregrounds on still images and everything in between.  Now go have fund playing with Social Booth.

The post is sponsored by PhotoBoothSolutions.com