Breeze Adds Cool New Feature

Sep 29, 2013 | News, Photo Booth Software

We’ve been a little behind when it comes to keeping up with new software updates and releases lately.  But through a discussion on the forum, we discovered that Breeze has released an awesome new feature that most of us have overlooked.

On August 30, Breeze released Version 2.6 for DSLR Remote Pro and NKRemote.  With that update came a few features like “creative” photo filters, and a few other options that no one really seemed overly enthusiastic about.  However, there was one feature that really got us excited!  Breeze offered the ability to rotate,  crop and resize an additional copy of the final JPEG output…you know, your prints and photo strips.  What does that mean for you?  You can crop your double strips down to a single photo strip and even resize them for uploading.  This is significant for those of you who offer Social Networking Stations or post your event photos on your business’ Facebook page.  Let’s face it, dual strips in a 4×6 format look a little funny on Facebook.  Now, you can automatically crop your photo strips to look the way they were intended to be viewed, as single strips.  No need for post-event editing.

According to one of our members, this option is also available in Breeze’s Webcam Photobooth.  Thanks to Lorne for kindly posting this photo, illustrating the dialogue box where this can be done within the program.


Now that you know about this awesome new feature, we hope to begin seeing your cropped photo strips showing up all over Facebook!


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