Average Cost of a Wedding released by The Knot

Mar 11, 2013 | News

TheKnot.com just released the results of their annual wedding survey.  On average in the US, couples are spending $28,427 on their weddings.  A little disappointing to see that Photo Booths aren’t included in the numbers.  How much are couples spending on Photo Entertainment in your area?

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  1. Jackie S

    Well, here in my area, I heard some people did and willing to pay $ 800+.

    Now, I know that’s a low price but the demand is mostly for a DJ, clowns, bouncy house, or a magician. Most photographers take portraits/candid shots at events for only $200 (2 to 4 hours).

    However, I feel a photo booth will make any party LIVE!!! I am still researching and looking at the target market.

    I heard many photographers stated; “You price to work with your ideal customer”.

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