Underwater Photo Booth

Imagine you’re posing for a selfie with three of your best friends at the coolest pool party any of you have ever been to. You grab a pair of hilariously large sunglasses and your buddy dons a ridiculous wig. Laughs break out; you gather them together in front of a snazzy photo booth and grab the remote and – click! The moment is captured, the picture prints out, you dry your hands and share it on Facebook with the caption “best selfie ever #underwater”. Yes that’s right – underwater! LA Photo Party has launched the world’s very first underwater photo booth giving people the ability – for the first time ever – to capture the party that happens in as well as out of the water.

Under Water Photo Booth by LA Photo Party

The booth itself is a beauty to behold. Sleek black, it has a dome on the front that looks like something out of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea but instead of Captain Nemo peeking out, the lens of a Canon Rebel T3i is watching you. Above that is a white disc that houses the water-illuminating flash and on top of the booth is a monitor so that guests can see themselves in all of their underwater glory. From above, it may look like a metal arm reaching down into the water but once the guests jump in, a new exhilarating experience is awaiting them. When they find their unique perfect pose, they just grab the floating remote and take the picture themselves before coming up for air. Waiting for them above water is their picture, which they can immediately share on social media, text to themselves, or print out. The whole system is integrated into our unparalleled social media software.

All of the electronics and state-of-the-art technology of the Underwater Photo Booth is encased in a black box made of ocean-grade material so that the entire booth can be submerged in either salt-water or fresh-water. This makes it ideal to be centerpiece at Vegas pool parties, Miami water parks, or on Caribbean cruise ships. We can’t wait to see what kind of adventures LA Photo Party’s newest photo booth inspires and what the future holds for underwater photo parties!



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The Master Class Series at PBX

logoYour City Photo Booth is proud to sponsor the first annual Master Class Series being held during the Photo Booth Expo at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on Tuesday, April 14, 2015. This series features hands on classes on some of the more interesting and intricate technical topics to help step up your ‘boothing’ game, and make more unique experiences for your clients and their guests. Join industry leaders Meir Israel, Conor Mongan, Mose James, & Elliot Gosling in an intimately sized class setting where they will show you some of their hottest tips and tricks to making events great. The small sizes of these classes insure great opportunities for one on one questions, and mind-expanding ideas. Register soon, as class sizes are limited to 50 individuals per class. Click here to register.

Classes are independently produced and are not part of the Photo Booth Expo Conference Seminars. Master Classes are not included in the Photo Booth Expo All Access Pass and must be registered for separately. Class fees are per person.

Creative Lighting with Conor Mongan
Tuesday, April 14, 2015
10:00-11:00 A.M.

A Master Class series hosted by Conor Mongan, owner of SUM Booth, where he’ll divulge lighting tips and tricks to make your photos stand out from the competition. Make those images from your stand-alone photo booth pop. Add more depth and realism to your green screen layouts. It doesn’t take thousands of dollars of gear; it just requires creativity and the understanding of lighting basics. Click here to register.

creative lighting by conor mongan

Photoshop Tips & Tricks with Mose James
Tuesday, April 14, 2015
11:30 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.

Mose James of OMG Booth fame opens his tool bag, and shares some of his greatest tips for making your print layouts stand out and create stunning branded images for your clients. Learn to get a solid grip on one of the most powerful editing tools out there while getting some hands-on walk-through lessons on how to achieve eye catching designs that reflect your and your client’s core branding. Click here to register.

Photoshop Master Class with Mose James

DSLR Remote for Dummies with Meir Israel
Tuesday, April 14, 2015
1:30-2:30 P.M.

One of the Master Class series events being held during the first annual Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas, DSLR Remote for Dummies will center on teaching fun tips and tricks to not only enhance your day to day understanding of the powers of DSLR Remote, but to take your interfaces and photo booth concepts to the next level. Learn how multi-profiles can work with multiple print options. Gain the knowledge to tackle the secrets to engaging green screen layouts. Get a handle on your interface and learn how to brand your photo booth experience for your client. Hosted by Meir Israel, owner of The South Beach Photo Booth Company, the class will be touching on key points on making your interface stand out, be the most interactive, and Meir will also be answering topics submitted by you, the attendees. Click here to register.

DSLR Remote Pro for Dummies with Meir Isael for Breeze

Creating Interactive Interfaces with Elliott Gosling
Tuesday, April 14, 2015
3:00-4:00 P.M.

Are you wishing to give your booth a little bit of razzmatazz and interface extra hardware and features into your current set up? Elliott Gosling from Party Photobooth Hire will show you how you can utilize available software and a few bits of hardware to easily add features such as automated lights, wind machines on cue and even how to automate simple image processing into your workflow all with a selection of simple scripts that you can modify to your needs. So if your goal is get guests to look at the lens, want that IKEA red carpet to light up on cue to enhance the user experience, or you want to know how to turn your Breeze GIFs into web ready video files on the fly this is the class for you. With these tips and tricks, you are only limited by your imagination; after all it’s not rocket science, just good scripting fun! Click here to register.

Creating Interactive Photo Booth Interfaces with Elliott Gosling


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Basic camera settings for the photo booth

If you’ve gotten into the photo booth business without spending too much time as an old-school photographer, you might find this basic guide to exposure handy.

There are 4 variables:

One is the amount of continuous light. If you don’t use a flash unit, this is the only light that makes an exposure. If you do use a flash (sometimes called a strobe) you’ll want some continuous light so the camera can see to focus and so the guests can see what they’re going to look like.

However, the other three variables are under your control. In most cases the photo booth software overrides the physical buttons and dials on your camera.

ISO – the sensitivity of the camera’s sensor or film to light. Years ago it was called ASA. In the film era, 400 was very fast.

100      200      400      800      1,600      3,200        6,400
Lower numbers give sharper photos with better color. Higher numbers look grainier or noisier, but you don’t need as much light.

Shutter Speed – how long does light get into the camera during the shot?

1 sec   1/2   1/4   1/8   1/15   1/30   1/60   1/125   1/250   1/500   1/1,000   1/2000   1/4000th second
Longer exposure let in more light                                            Shorter exposure lets in less light
Longer exposure means more motion blur                           Shorter exposure gives less blur, stops action

Lens opening/aperture/f-stop (these numbers are the bottom half of a fraction)

f1.4                 f2             f2.8             f4           f5.6            f8                 f11           f16           f22           f32
Large f-stop lets in more light                                                                                      Small  f-stop lets in less light
Large f-stop gives less depth of field                                                                           Small  f-stop gives more depth of field

You can’t always get what you want (Mick Jagger said that). Sometimes you have to trade off one setting for another.

If you use a flash (strobe), changing the shutter speed won’t change brightness. Why? Because the flash itself has a very short duration. It’s brilliant for about 1/500th of a second or less.  So whether you set a shutter speed of 1/30th or 1/200th of a second, the “brilliance” arrives on target for only that 1/500th. The short exposure effectively freezes action.

Most cameras can’t use flash at shutter speeds higher than 1/200th of a second. If your photos are partially black, try lowering the shutter speed (going from 1/500th to 1/125th, for example).

If you see something like the photo below, try setting your flash speed to a slower setting.


Blog contributor Chris Lydle is the author of The Photo Booth Book: a business guide to photo booth operations. Learn more




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Red Carpet January Photo Booth Templates for VIPs

Roll out the Red Carpet!  Our January Photo Booth Templates are now available for VIP Club Members to download for FREE!  If you aren’t yet a VIP Club member, check out the benefits of joining here.

Red Carpet Photo Booth Templates

VIP’s we’re also taking requests for February.  If you are looking for a specific theme, post in the VIP Club section of the forum.  We’re keeping a list of popular requests, so if we don’t get to your design request right away, we will keep it in mind for future releases.

alex lugo - it awesome

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$3.75 Branded USB Flash Drives – Limited Time

Now through Tuesday, January 12 take advantage of our supplier’s special Trade Show pricing and pick up some USB Flash Drives to distribute photos to your customers.  They are currently priced at $3.75 each, with single color logo printing on one side and free shipping within the 48 Contiguous United States.  50 piece minimum order.  Flash drives are available in 34 housing colors, with eight clip color options, allowing for up to 272 different color combinations.  Order at http://www.photoboothtalk.com/market/shop/usb-swivel-flash-drives/

VIP Club Exclusives

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