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We are so excited to announce that our sponsor Photo Booth Solutions is giving away a copy of Social Booth V2 to one of our lucky readers.  (Link to entry form located at the bottom of this post) Social Booth recently got an overhaul and was updated with all kinds of new and exciting features that aren’t available in any other single software program.  Here are some of the highlights:

Event Management

Social Booth V2 makes it super simple to set up and manage your photo booth events.  You can now save the entire settings as an event, set up a whole week’s worth of templates and backgrounds in advance and have your operator simply load them up on site.  There’s also a new Admin Password feature that will lock the settings from being accessed by the operator while on site.

Multiple Layouts

You can now allow users to select from different templates and layouts by using the Layout Selection feature.  If you have used Breeze’s profiles before, this will be very familiar to you.  You simply define hotspots on the screen to load up various templates and settings. You can define up to 6 different hotspots.  These can be template presets as well as entire event settings.


You can now display thumbnails of individual shots as the session progresses in either horizontal or vertical layout.

Default Template Layouts

Social Booth now has over 50 default template layouts to choose from to help you get started with your designs.  Along with easy 1 button importing of Breeze XML and Photo Booth Owners templates, getting your designs into Social Booth has never been easier.

Unlimited Frames

Allow users to select from unlimited frames or overlays for their photos.

Unlimited Green Screen Backgrounds

Users can now select from an unlimited # of Green Screen Backgrounds before their session, or even before each photo.

Animated GIFs

You can now use an Animated GIF only mode to create an animated GIF photo booth. You can also automatically cycle through the Green Screen backgrounds to create unique animated GIFs with animated backgrounds.

Animated GIF Photo Booth

Animated Gif Photo Booth

Animated Gif Photo Booth

Animated GIF Photo Booth

Advanced Photo Filters

Social Booth has your standard, Color, Black & White and Sepia as well as Vintage Instagram style filters.  But check out some of these advanced filters like Cartoon, Sketch, Night Vision, Cross Process, Comic Book, Thermography, Pixel Art, Mosaic, Lite Brite and the always popular Warhol filter.  These filters let you create truly unique photo booth template styles and can even be applied to Animated GIFs

Camera Features

- Added External Flash Mode to increase Live View Exposure for low light situations

- Added ability to save photos to SD card

Social Media at the Booth

It wouldn’t be Social Booth with a few new Social Media features.  In addition to EMail, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, FTP & Smugmug, V2 of Social Booth now supports Pinterest as well as Client Twitter, which will alow you to creat Twitter Mirrors like the ones you’ve seen at the Grammys and Academy Awads shows, where users photos will automatically be Tweeted to a predesignated client Twitter Account.   There’s also FTP and Smugmug background uploaders for you, the operator to user to send photos to your website or gallery in real time.  No Internet at your event? No problem.  Uploads can be queued offline and sent when your are back online.  Worried about the lines backing up at your booth?  Social Booth integrates seamlessly with Photo Booth Connected to allow you to setup social media kiosks on touchscreen PCs, Windows tablets, iPads or Android tablets.

Host Photos on Your Website with Photo Booth Cloud

Photo Booth Cloud is the easiest way to host Photos, Videos and Animated GIFs directly on your website.  Each photo will have a unique access code or QR code that guests can enter when they visit your site.  From there they can share to social media as well as purchase prints directly from your site!


In addition to Text entries and Yes/No questions, The Survey/Data Collection feature now has Multiple Choice questions.

Run a Photo Booth Contest

Social Booth’s Contest mode allows you to randomly print photos with a special template to create a “Golden Ticket” or winning photo at a probability that you define. Use it for brand giveaways or even self promotion.

Social Booth’s Contest mode allows you to randomly print photos with a special template to create a “Golden Ticket” or winning photo at a probability that you define.  Use it for brand giveaways or even self promotion.

Muliple Capture & Review Screens and Audio Prompts

You can now define multiple files for each capture and review screen and audio prompts to make the photo session more engaging.

Video Hosts

Social Booth’s Video Host Mode allows you to turn your photo booth into a guided photo session.  Use the built in video or create your own.

DSLR Video

Social Booth V2 can now take video with the DSLR.  T3i and higher is required.  You can still take video with a webcam, but the option is now available for both.

Chromecast Slideshows

Social Booth now has to ability to transmit a live updating slideshow to any TV with a Google Chromecast device hooked up to it.  No other programs are needed, straight from Social Booth to your Chrome browser an on to your TV.  No need for a 2nd PC to display a slideshow anymore.

Improved Triggers Performance

Triggers can be used in Social Booth to allow for external button control, Credit Card swipe integration, Bill Validators and Coin mechs to communciate with the software.  They can be used to control External Lights and basically communicate with any external device.

Check out these past articles on using triggers for setting up a commercial photo booth and controlling LEDs:

There’s more great stuff on the way.  Check out the V2 trial of Social Booth over at

Enter to win here:

Jackie Spell - I totally love GIF and I need this Social booth immediately!

karen stromquist - Would love to win this!

Jarred W - Need something like this for a business event next week — would work perfect :)

Terry Ziemba - This would make me so happy. :D

Jamie - ok I have been a doing this for years now and I enter
All that I can and NOTHING
Maybe it will be me this time lol

Donavan Perry - cool features…would love to try it out;) @Mississippi Mojo Photo Booth

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Giveaways Galore Winners

Congratulations to Dave Stephenson and Gary Lane.  They are our Giveaways Galore winners.  Dave is the lucky recipient of the Sinfonia CS2 Printer, sponsored by Imaging Spectrum and Sinfonia.  And, Gary will receive a free copy of Darkroom Booth Software and the CI Creative Photo Strip Template Collection.

Way to go, guys!  Thanks to all for participating in our drawing and supporting Photo Booth Talk.  We will be hosting another big drawing next month for our VIP Club members.

Photo Booth Chick - Congrats!

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New Photo Booth Talk Marketplace

Marketplace LogoThis day has been a long time coming, one that so many of  you have been waiting for.  So without further adieu, we proudly announce the launch of our new Photo Booth Talk Marketplace.  We’ve filled it up with a large collection of photo booth templates, and with more soon to be added.  We’ve contracted with some of the wedding and event industry design leaders to bring you new designs that follow industry trends and are sure to please your clients. Right now, we have designs contributed by the amazingly talented Holly McCaig of Holly McCaig Creative and an assortment of templates by our very own Cherie Irwin of CI Creative.

We will soon be offering an assortment of items, such as props, signs, supplies and more.  Next on the list are marketing templates and website themes designed specifically for photo booth rental companies.

The wait is over, now go browse our store.

Julie Mast - You guys are so awesome! Thank you for all you do to support the PD industry!

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Giveaways Galore!

Timeline Cover

We are so excited to about our latest drawing!  We’re celebrating 2014 BIG TIME, and we’ve teamed up with some amazing companies for our grandest giveaways EVER!  Imaging Spectrum and Sinfonia, will be offering up up a Sinfonia CS2 Dye-Sub printer to one lucky winner.  And Darkroom Software & CI Creative have collaborated to give away a copy of Darkroom Booth along with 88 Customizable Photo Strip Templates (files are layered PSD files and can only be edited in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements) from CI Creative’s personal collection.

To enter, all you have to do is Like our Facebook Page, then fill out the Drawing Entry Form by clicking on the “Win It” tab (just beneath our Cover Photo).  Only one drawing entry form is allowed per company, family or household.  If you are a VIP Club Member, you will automatically receive 5 Drawing Entries.  But, you can earn an extra one if you also take the time to Like our Facebook page and fill out the Drawing Entry Form, too.

Drawing Entry Closes on April 25, 2014 and winner will be announced on April 30, 2014.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go to our Facebook page and Enter Now!!!

Jamie - Let’s see how this goes

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