New VIP Club Templates Released

New photo booth templates are now available for our Photo Booth Talk VIP Club members.

July 2015 Release – Beachside Bash


If you haven’t already picked up the June 2015 designs, don’t miss them.  They will only be available for VIPs to download for free until August 15.


VIPs download at  For more information on our VIP Club program, click here.



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Photo Booth Upload Features – The Pro Package

We’ve been playing around with Photo Booth Upload and getting familiar with it’s basic features, but we are uber excited about some of the tools that the Pro Package adds to our photo booth toolboxes.   Hold onto your socks, because it’s time to look at Light Painting, Morphing and Slow Motion Video.

Light Painting is unlike anything else available in the photo booth market. For this activation, you need a dark space (either a room where you have full control over the lighting or a blackout tent) and a few light painting props, aka light sabers (you can also use flashlights, LED wands or anything that lights up in the dark). Photo Booth Upload is hooked up to a DSLR, which takes the photo using a long exposure, and a webcam, which gives you a live view so you and your guest can see the image come to life as it’s being created. When you click the trigger, the flash fires but the shutter stays open. All the guest has to do is stay still as you paint with light around them – the result will blow your socks off.


Just as impressive is Photo Booth Upload’s Morph feature. Ever wanted to see your face morph into Michael Jackson, Marylin Monroe or even your brother? Well now you can. To create your morph set-up, you can either upload an image of a face (such as a celebrity) or you can choose to morph between two guest photos. All you have to do is adjust the size and placement of the photo and the software automatically maps out the distinguishing features on the guest’s face to match the eyes and mouth on image they will be morphing into. The result is a smooth and hilarious morphing experience. The feature can also incorporate the green screen technologies, allowing you to upload any background you wish, and gives you full control over the morphing speed, duration, and number of loops. You can even add an audio track and branding to give the final video a fun soundtrack.

And to wrap it all up, we slow way down for Slow Motion Video. Guests love the chance to see themselves in slow motion, especially for those people who have always wanted to recreate Rocky or Chariots of Fire. You can either use a DSLR camera, which can shoot at up to 60 frames per second, or Photo Booth Upload can be hooked up to the Photo Party Station ActionCam, which can do up to 240 frames per second, providing for a much slower slo-mo experience. The set-up process is very similar to Green Screen Video and you can even incorporate green screen into Slow Motion Video if you want, or you can shoot against a clean black or white background depending on your event. Slow motion videos can be instantly branded, music added, then uploaded instantly onsite to the guest’s social media. In addition, using the Photo Party Upload app, guests can choose any frame from their video to print out instantly. Bring along some fun props (silly string always goes over well), upload an inspiring audio track, and you’re ready for an awesome slow-mo party!

Photo Booth Upload allows you to easily switch between these dynamic features and gives your guest unparalleled photo booth experiences. If you haven’t checked it out yet, go to to find out how you can shove it up YOUR booth.

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Eric Bjerke - Thanks for the review as it brings up some concerns. I am just putting together my first booth and have been exited about Photo Booth Upload and the unique features it can offer. You say that the light painting feature needs a DSLR AND a webcam. I will not have a webcam, so that is out for me. I am now totally doubting my software choice now. I planned on playing with the free trial before buying, of course. Are there any other features that need special setups? I am going to have both a pop-up booth and an open air backdrop with green screen to offer clients. I am going to use ezphotobooths t-17 shell which utilizes the ALIEN BEE Ring. Light. I will have an ELO Touscreen hooked up to the Lenovo processor of which I don’t have the model committed to memory yet. Maybe I should switch to the surface Pro?

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Animated GIFs with Animated Backgrounds

Animated GIFs have come a long way from dancing babies and keyboard cats.  Offering animated GIFs at your photo booth is now a way to offer your clients something fun and unique while helping you stand out from the competition who are only offering “gasp” static photos.

Animated GIF with Social Booth

Most photo booth softwarecan create animated GIFS these days, but Social Booth has a feature that allows you to create animated GIFs with animated overlays and animated backgrounds like the one above.

So how is it done?  
It’s very easy using green screen, a stock video and of course Social Booth.

The 1st thing you’ll need is a stock video for your animated background.  A great site to find these is VideoHive.  The one used in this example is found here.

animated gif how to

You’ll need to grab frames from the video and save them as individual files.  Most video players will allow you to save individual frames.  Save a frame, and move the playback head forward a bit to save another. You only need 5-10 frames per shot to make the animation look fluid.  In this example there’s only 2 shots so we’re using 20 background animation frames.  Too few frames and the animation will look jumpy.  Too many and it will take too long process.  Be careful to save your files in a sequential format and be sure to use 2 digits like 01.jpg, 02.jpg etc…

Each frame should be resized to 600×400 px as this is the final size of the animated GIF.


The next step is to enable animated GIFs in Social Booth as well as enabling Animated Backgrounds and select the folder where you saved your frames from the video.  Remember Animated Backgrounds require the use of Green screen so be sure to enable that as well.


If you can’t shoot on greenscreen and still would like a similar effect, you can use Animated Overlays instead.  It’s a similar concept, except the animation is being placed on top of the photos as opposed to behind them.


You can also use this effect with single shots.


Other examples:




So there you have it.  Animated GIFs on animated backgrounds, animated foregrounds on still images and everything in between.  Now go have fund playing with Social Booth.

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Accounting for your Photo Booth Business – Audio File

If you couldn’t make it to our Google Hangout on Accounting for Your Photo Booth Business hosted by Josh Behr last Wednesday, here’s your chance to hear what you missed out on.  Previously, the audio recording was only going to be available to VIP Club members, but for one day only all Photo Booth Talk members with a free account can log in to access the audio recording without charge.  The audio file will be accessible to everyone beginning at 9AM CDT on Wednesday, April 29 through 9AM CDT on Thursday, April 30.

Listen in and get the scoop on on various accounting topics, such as:

W-2 vs 1099
Sales Tax
Tax planning

Click here to listen now.  You must be logged in to your Photo Booth Talk to access the recording.  If you do not have an account, you can register for free here.  

If you have trouble with the link, go to your account page ( after logging in and look for the “Accounting for Your Photo Booth Business” link under the Active Resources section.

If you are a VIP Club member, you will also receive a link on the morning of Wednesday, April 29 to join us for Josh’s next Google Hangout.  It is will be short, but worth it.

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Photo Booth Upload Features

Last week we told you about the new photo booth software release from the developers at Photo Party Upload.  This week, we want to share a little bit about what you can do with it.

The best place to start is with the photo booth bread-and-butter: Green Screen. Photo Booth Upload takes green screen to a whole new level with an easy-to-use interface and “Smart-Placement Technology” that automatically places the guest in the correct location so they can link arms with the Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz or ride alongside Batman in the Batmobile.

All you need is a green screen, a DSLR camera, a JPEG to use as a background image and a PNG to use as an overlay and the software does the rest. It’s simple to load in your images and you can even create more than one green screen set-up, so guests can choose between the Scarecrow or Batman. Once your set-ups are created, you have full control over the keying threshold/color, contrast/saturation, placement/size and can choose from a wide range of customizable photo filters for a final touch.

Greenscreen - photo booth upload

Maybe you’re a fan of green screen but you’re tired of still images and want to get your guests moving – no problem, just turn on Green Screen Video.  The set-up process is similar to Green Screen Photo but instead of a background JPEG, you upload a background video. You can even include an audio track if you want your guests to dance with a group of animated penguins.



Another option for movement would be to switch over to the Animated GIF option.  This also incorporates the green screen technologies so your guest can be magically transported to Oz or Gotham.  The settings allow you to choose how many photos you want to take and if you want the background to animate along with your guest, you can upload a different JPEG for each frame of the GIF.  You can adjust the look of your GIF by adjusting the frame rate and choose if you want to export it as a GIF or as a video, which of course the guest can then share on their social media platform of choice.

Roller coaster2014-06-16_11-14-32



Calvin Chan - Dear Sir & Madam,

We are the advertising company in Hong Kong.
We are interested your company products like “Green Screen Video” & “Animated GIF” program. Can you tell me more about these program & service. Thank you.

Calvin Chan
Dragon Creative Media Ltd

Edward Smith - Thank you for sharing. I have send tons of pictures with Binfer several times. It’s a nifty little tool. See

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